Bike Ride.

so, after a fairly slow morning with Kris, and Chris and Elana(who are crashing at my place while house hunting), Collapse )

Now that I've rested, and had a bite to eat, I suppose I should figure out my shopping list for the BBQ tomorrow. gotta make sure I've got all the ingredients for my BBQ sauce.
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Mean people suck(and haven't we all?)

Are humans just genetically predisposed towards cruelty? Is it just something which comes out as soon as we realize that there is someone in the world weaker than ourselves? I just finished watching Mean Girls(a comedy centered upon the cruel politics of high school cliques) with Kris, and was reminded of some of the less shining moments in my life.

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I certainly hope that my actions didn't contribute to any lasting harm, but it makes me wonder how many times in my life I've done something either inadvertently, or deliberately caused someone harm, and whether that has in turn led them in their pain to mistreat others. Is it any wonder that the world is the mess that it is? When do we stop thinking of ourselves as individuals acting in our own self interests, and start thinking about ourselves as an interconnected community. When we hurt another we only further damage the community which is our collective self. Or maybe I've just gotten overly empathic all of a sudden. sigh....
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T minus 4:25...

Hmmm... just felt like taking a brief break from work, and party prep. Food's bought, kitchen cleaned, house mostly ready...

I've still got to clean the grill, marinate the chicken wings, make another shopping run for supplies I forgot on the first one.

I'm sure there are another million things I'm forgetting, but hey it'll come together. It always does. Anyways, to those who're coming, I look forward to seeing you. To those who can't make it, I'll try and make sure there's more warning next time. And to those who just don't feel like showing up, y'all're(how's that for an abbreviation) lame, and should get your asses up here for some great food, friends, and booze(obviously you're not lame if you've already given me a good reason. they you'll just be missed.)

anyways, back to prepping, and trying to get some work work done in the time between the cracks.
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hehe... I've gotta say it's pobably right about the premonition bit.

Your Magic Abilities by Stathgar
What is the magic word?
Telepathy: 46%
Premonition: 2%
Clairvoyance: 86%
ESP: 72%
Psychic Ability: 74%
Psychotic Ability: 83%
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as usual I'm feeling much better after getting a bit of a workout. That and I think I found a bug which I've been chasing after in my code for about a week now. Just before leaving my office I noticed a new bug which I am now thinking is just another manifestation of the original logic error, and I'm pretty sure I know what's causing both of them now. yay.

OK that's better..

I think this yoga thing might be becoming a bit of an addiction, but hey It's good for me, and it makes me feel good so where's the harm in that :-)
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